SEC Post-Spring Power Rankings - #5 - Auburn Tigers

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This is where the teams start to seperate themselves in the SEC in my opinion.  The Top 5 teams all have a chance to win the SEC in my opinion.  At #5 I have defending SEC Champions - Auburn.  It all starts for Auburn on the offensive side of the ball with Nick Marshall who is an incredibly dynamic playmaker.  During the spring game he showed a more accurate arm and if that comes to fruition this fall it will be a scary proposition for SEC defenses.  At receiver, stud Sammie Coates returns and the Tigers add D'haquille Williams who many believe is a superstar in the making.  However, the Tigers will certainly feel the loss of Tre Mason.  Mason was an absolute monster last season and the Tigers don't have the talent in the backfield on campus to play at the level of Mason.  Perhaps looming even larger than the loss of Mason on offense is the loss of LT Greg Robinson to the NFL.  Robinson was an absolute monster and completely dominated everyone he faced on the left side of the lane and was a huge reason for the success of their running game because he opened huge holes. 

On defense the strength of the Tigers will be on the defensive line where they have studs at every positon.  Dee Ford will be missed but Montravius Adams, Elijah Daniel and Carl Lawson should only be better.  The questions I have come on the linebacker level and in the secondary.  There is no doubt that the Tigers have a lot of athleticism and talent but last season you saw a lot flaws on the 2nd level of Auburn's defense.  At the end of the season Aaron Murray and UGA shredded the Auburn secondary for 415 yards even with a depleted receiving corp, as did A.J. McCarron for 277 yards and 3 TD's as well as Jameis Winston late in the BCS Championship game when the pressure was on.

With all of that being said, I think Auburn is truly one of the 3 most talented teams in the SEC.  I thought about having them #2 or #3 in the power rankings but I moved them to #5 not only because of what they lost but also because of the post BCS hangover and the fact that Auburn won't be sneaking up on anyone like they were able to do last season.  They will get their best shot from every opponent and often that proves to hard to overcome. 

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