Auburn v. Ole Miss - A Battle for Survival

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Another weekend and another titanic battle in the SEC West. This battle will take place in Oxford, Mississippi between the Auburn Tigers and Ole Miss Rebels. It is a fascinating matchup between an elite spread offense attack and a defense that is built to stop the spread. That is one of many very interesting storylines.

#1 – Auburn Offense v. Ole Miss Defense – A little bit of the luster has been taken from the Ole Miss defense after the way the Bayou Bengals was able to play smash-mouth offense and physically dominate the Rebels at times. But that is not what the type of opponent the Ole Miss defense is built for, they are built for this type of opponent. Auburn is starting to get it rolling again with their rushing game and if they rack up 300+ yards again on the road against this defense they may be proving to be an offensive juggernaut once again.

#2 – Hugh Freeze v. Gus Malzahn – These two coaches have followed very similar paths that began with high school coaching jobs and a meteoric rise to fame and fortune as head coaches in the SEC. Both of these coaches are known as gurus of the spread and both offenses are very capable. It will be a class of the modern spread offense titans and it will be fascinating to watch who can out-scheme who.

#3 – Laquon Treadwell v. D'haquille Williams – There are a lot of talented receivers in the SEC this season but these are two of the best. Quon and Duke are both physical freaks that are a matchup nightmare for their opponents. Whichever one of these players can make the most game changing plays will likely play a large role in who wins Saturday night.

auburn ole miss photo: Ole Miss OleMissfield.jpg

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